Obesity Clinic

Metanoia Newhealth programme

This is a structured programme developed over the period of 10 years. Metanoia is a Greek word in which Meta means transform Noia means Mind and Body, so Metanoia Newhealth is the transformation of oneself to new health. The programme is for the period of six months to one year by which patients loses body weight for about 15 to 20 kgs. They are taught to maintain the weight loss through appetite training programme.

Weight loss Clinic

Obesity is an excess of total body fat, which results from caloric intake that exceeds energy usage. Some of the medical complications associated with obesity include diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and arthritis, which could affect the heart and kidney. The goal of obesity treatment is to reach and stay at a healthy weight.

Dr Kannampilly’s Specialty Centre offers a comprehensive range of weight loss programs, individual diet counselling, nutrition and lifestyle counselling, and inch loss combined therapies that contribute towards a better health, wellbeing, productivity and lifestyle.

Weight Maintenance Clinic

Losing weight is the easiest part of any weight loss program. But maintaining the weight loss is the most vital component of any weight loss program.

Our programme ensures that the weight stays off, by keeping a healthy exercise plan, maintaining a healthy diet, and making sure that any unwelcome fat never returns.

Lifestyle Disease Prevention Clinic

Our lifestyle can make a big difference in our life. The stress of modern day living, poor eating habits, sleep deprivation, sedentary lifestyle, drug abuse, tobacco smoking, and alcohol drinking contribute many lifestyle diseases in our lives.

Lifestyle diseases can include hypertension, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, stroke etc.

The good news is that lifestyle diseases can be prevented by making simple changes in daily routine and following a healthier way of living.  Our Lifestyle diseases prevention program (Metanoia Newhealth) provides personal advice by combining new technologies with the input of medical specialists.

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Dr Johny J. Kannampilly Diabetologist

  • Former Vice President - Diabetic Foot Society of India (DFSI)
  • 1st Rank Holder in Diabetology P.G.Course, WHO Center, Europe
  • Trained at Kings College, London in Diabetis & Podiatry
  • Guinness World Record Holder in Podiatry
  • Trained at Harvard Medical School in Obesity Management
  • 1st to start Insulin Pump Therapy in South India
  • 1st to start Podiatry Speciality in Kerala State
  • Rashtriya Rattan Award by International Study Circle
  • Indira Gandhi Sadbhavana Gold Medal Award by Global Economic Progress Research Association
  • Samoohya Sevana Jyothi Award 2014 by Rajiv Gandhi National Unity Forum

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