Preventive health check-up

Pre Diabetes Checkup

Early Detection of  chances of Pre Diabetes

Our centre specialises in health check-up to detect pre-diabetes a stage before the onset of diabetes. You have to come fasting for this checkup and you will be undergoing a series of blood test including glucose challenge test and a questionnaire. You will be given result stating that you have the moderate or severe stage of prediabetes.  You can then join our diabetes prevention programme called Metanoia Newhealth programme, which will postpone your diabetes thereby postpone or prevent diabetic complications to a large extent. All individuals above the age of 20 years who have family history of diabetes, people with obesity, people who have stressful and unhealthy lifestyle should undergo this checkup once a year.

Pre Heart Disease Checkup

Early Detection Of Chances For Heart Disease

You can lower your chance of developing heart disease.
Our centre has specialised checkup package to detect any chances of you developing heart disease in the future. We have specialised treatment plan to prevent and postpone heart disease in the future by comprehensive care approach in treating all cardiovascular risk factors. All people above the age of 20 years, people with family history of heart disease, people who are obese, people who are having unhealthy lifestyle habits should undergo this checkup once a year. It is better to detect and prevent heart disease than having a heart attack, which can sometimes be even fatal.

Pre Cancer Checkup

Early Detection Of Chances of Cancer

Our centre has specialised health checkup package through which any early occurrence of the most forms of cancers can be detected early.  Cancer if detected early can be cured to a large extent. All people with family history (members in the family) of cancer and people above 50 years should undergo this checkup once a year.

Pre Fatty Liver Disease Checkup

Early Detection Of chances of fatty liver progressing to cirrhosis of the liver.  

There is increasing prevalence of fatty liver in people nowadays due to the unhealthy lifestyle like unhealthy food habits and sedentary life.  This fatty liver can slowly progress to non-alcoholic hepatitis and then to cirrhosis.  Cirrhosis is a dangerous condition, 40% of patients undergoing liver transplant all over the world are due to non- alcoholic fatty liver disease, which is due to unhealthy lifestyle.  Our centre specialises in detecting this condition at an early stage through specialised checkups like liver function test,  ultrasound, MR elestrography. Our centre has developed a specialised treatment through more than 10 years of research to reverse this condition which is called Metanoia Newhealth programme.

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Dr Johny J. Kannampilly Diabetologist

  • Former Vice President - Diabetic Foot Society of India (DFSI)
  • 1st Rank Holder in Diabetology P.G.Course, WHO Center, Europe
  • Trained at Kings College, London in Diabetis & Podiatry
  • Guinness World Record Holder in Podiatry
  • Trained at Harvard Medical School in Obesity Management
  • 1st to start Insulin Pump Therapy in South India
  • 1st to start Podiatry Speciality in Kerala State
  • Rashtriya Rattan Award by International Study Circle
  • Indira Gandhi Sadbhavana Gold Medal Award by Global Economic Progress Research Association
  • Samoohya Sevana Jyothi Award 2014 by Rajiv Gandhi National Unity Forum

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